• Clash of Clans Game Play

    There are many online games to choose from these days, and it can be difficult to choose how to spend the time you have allotted for online gaming. Some choose a game and get good at it or spend time trying to find an effective hack. Some others play a wide array of games. One recently popular game is Clash of Clans. It is a massive multiplayer online game that was developed in 2012, and has been gaining popularity since then.


    How to Get it

    To play the game you must first download it onto your mobile device. After you have downloaded the game, it may be played. The game is free to download, but there are in-app purchases available to players who wish to spend money in the game. An in-app purchase is when a game player spends real money through a game or application in order to unlock and have access to some new thing, gain access to an area of play, or get more of a particular resource that is valued in the game.


    What it is

    The game is an MMO. This means that there are many people playing the game online all at one time. Whenever you choose to play the game there are others online playing, and all of the gamers exist within the same virtual world and can play a game all involving the others.


    Game Play

    The way that Clash of Clans is played is similar to some other strategy games. The player will begin the game with a certain amount of resources. Those resources are used to build up a virtual town or village. The attributes of the location that the player creates will have an impact on how the game goes later on. After the player has constructed the village, they will then typically begin to interact with other players. The clan that they have established will have certain abilities and attributes, likely based on the attributes of the village/town/base from which they came. The players virtual citizens or clan members will then battle other clans. The victor of the battle is determined by the attributes of his clan and their village and by strategy. One aspect of the game is the ability to use strategic thinking to gain an advantage over other players in the virtual battles.


    The buildings that players can create fall into several categories, and the troops that they have available fall into several categories. The different buildings give different types of advantages, and the different troops have different types of attributes that are either advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the type of battle that the player engages in. There are buildings that help the player defend their clan, there are ones that help get more resources, and other types. Likewise there are troops that are for swarming, there are troops that are for breaking walls, and there are troops that are for other specialized purposes. The player must use the different varieties and balance the costs of acquiring them against their time and resources to prevail.